UEFA decides to call off Armenia vs Azerbaijan matches and bestow both sides nought points. While Armenia longed-for to gambol according to UEFA rules and was in place to grownup a light in Armenia and trek to Baku for the transaction game, Azerbaijan refused to grownup Armenia and voyage to Yerevan, olibanum active in opposition the well-grooved UEFA rules.

Usually in this sort of a set-up UEFA punishes the sidelong that goes in opposition the verified rules. In this bag Armenia and Azerbaijan are censured in an isochronal way. One asks WHY? How lately is this?

Armenia is admonished next to a nought points for not agreeing to comedy in a impartial enclosed space. Yerevan desired to play according to the rules of the UEFA hobby. If UEFA was active to say in overnight case Armenia and Azerbaijan drip in the same board we will revoke the matches unless they agreed to kick up your heels in a neutral game, it should had through this before the teams were select so all and sundry would cognise the rules.

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Now, some UEFA and Azerbaijan transmission rules in the in-between of the spectator sport. This throws a big tint on the objectivity and supremacy or UEFA.

"The UEFA Executive Committee, chaired by UEFA President Michel Platini, realised its
meeting present midday, at the Abe Lenstra amphitheatre in Heerenveen, leading of tonight's UEFA
European Under-21 Championship Final.

"Also reviewed was the state of affairs about the situation of the matches to be contend between
Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the UEFA EURO 2008(TM) relative jealousy. As no suitable
compromise could be found linking the two associations it was arranged to terminate the two
matches, namely Azerbaijan-Armenia regular for 8 September and Armenia-Azerbaijan
schedule for 12 September, and to donate both associations zilch points for the matches."

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Yes UEFA has the within your rights to rescind matches, but lone of two parties hand over go-ahead. Armenia has frequently aforesaid that it will not concur to nullification. Now the games are canceled near both parties awarded nothing points. As you identify in the notation "As no suitable
compromise could be found betwixt the two associations..." Suitable compromise??? So if one of the national teams of UEFA requests to go against the rules of UEFA games the medicine is to brainstorm a apposite via media or to deal with severely the violator? I have a break my grip.

This is not fitting and not party. Soccer, sports and politics should not mix. In fact Armenia content that traveling to Bauk and hosting the National Soccer Team of Azerbaijan could be a better will trait toward making a involvement to a peace course of action negotiated by the OSCE. UEFA should have interpreted this into planning and subsidization this opinion.

However, UEFA awards peace beside zilch points.

We appointment on UEFA to review its determination and reinstate righteousness. If one participant does not privation to frolic near the rules that UEFA has established, why should the other than delegation be underprivileged from points?

UEFA should grant Azerbaijan a 2nd kismet to drama the games near Armenia and market them beneath a order initiative, not nether hostility. If Azerbaijan does not concur to the protracted established rules of UEFA, it should be penalized for such as a doings and Armenia given the due points.

Sports and social relation should not be intermingled next to respectively remaining. In certainty sports and games have e'er been advertizer of peace and recognition among nations.

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