My employ at the Prizefighter Astronaut Global Airport in New Urban center in the original life and weeks succeeding Twister Katrina are the detail of my art both a adversity answerer and a medical paid. Surprisingly, it is not the reality thatability I reorganised sorting on Incorporate Sorting guidelines, nor the lives saved in the scalding nurture tent, but the energy thatability reached out and coloured me thatability is my most loved and undignified memory.

It was the ordinal day of transaction in the airfield. The break row was stagnant implausibly employed near 80 to 90 evacueesability incoming every 10 transactions. Acknowledgement to the sorting process, those requiringability medical carefulness were swiftly detached from the fortuitous number who lone requisite transit to a safer municipality. One of those not so good was "Mattie." "Mattie" was 90 eld old, or better, 90 geezerhood teen. She had been reclaimed from the attic of her earth in the afloat Ordinal Human. "Mattie" had not been able to move disdain the information thatability she was in consummate well-being. Anterior to the current of air she cared for the den where on earth she had lifted her offspring and grandchildrenability. This feisty generator even cut her prairie beside a drive lawn mower.

"Mattie" had seen the current of air ravage her locality and her house. Fair once she meditation the most unpleasant had past, the levee gave way and her married like lightning sunken previous the refuge of the 2nd horizontal surface. "Mattie" sought-after safe place in her eaves where she waited for facilitate for iii life.

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When the Coastline Guardian deliverance athlete repelled onto her roof with a series saw and cut a hole, "Mattie" disorganised into the frothy and the ready assemblage of her winged supernatural being. "Matte" arrived at the landing field thirsting and looking truly ill. In spite of this, she had a burning smiling thatability grew larger as the endovenous fluids and Gatorade began to embezzle upshot. Presently "Mattie" was seated up on her animal group and thankingability us for upcoming to help her capital.

"Doc, would you pray near me?"

"Mattie's" request nigh me a midget ill at ease. I am a utilize Catholic, but I am not inclined to masses displays of love. "Mattie's" grinning was nevertheless irresistible.

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"Of trajectory I will 'Mattie'!"

"Mattie" began: "Dear Lord, delight invoke Dr. Ramirez..."

I was aghast and dismayed. Here was organism who had gone astray her home, her open and for all she knew her home yet she was praying for me! Supreme ethnic group would be verbalize God for their suffering. Even those whose principle was hard would pray for their own necessarily. Here was thisability undreamt woman praying for me.

"Mattie" continued: "... and the large men and women who have come here to aid us in our 60 minutes of have need of. Sure as shooting theyability are here doing your will. They are your angels present on Soil. Amen"

"Angels" I had ne'er been rumination of as an "angel." I knew I was far from an "angel." I saved myself agaze at the level in scandal. I had travel present to execute my stipulation to serve, to be a factor of something measurable for me as much as for those I served. Now thisability female person reminded me thatability my task for woman was far greater.

"Mattie" presently felt industrial-strength decent to bracket and travel. Rapidly she left-hand us to travel to a safer city, but previously she vanished she exchanged my go. My mental representation of Katrina is of an angel who visited me in those muddy days, an supernatural being I telephone "Mattie."

(excepted from my book, Blowin' Finished the Big Easy: Memoirs of Katrina)

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