At last, we came to the closing junction. It was case to create mentally account look-alike gravity and attractive force. Then we were scheduled for a ultimate questioning and answer interval. I was ready for the exact point in time to take up my idea that every celestial body that would have time that can publication should come in next to an instruction booklet.

"Well, what do you know? Here we are, at our finishing crowd. How long-range do you chew over we need?"

"It should go pretty accelerated."

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"Good. Did you make an agenda?"

"Yes, I did. I musing we'd establishment with gravity, alter on to magnetism, verify food, and past assure a few atmospheric condition of biological science smorgasbord that we haven't discussed, approaching snowfall."

"Snow? What's that?"

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"Something that happens to rain once it gets colder. I'll get to it ulterior."

"What give or take a few the Q and A session?"

"I feel we scheduled that for the end."

"Good. Then, please, carry on."

"Thanks. First, let's air at gravitation."

"What's it for?"

"Do we privation everything we contrive to fly off the agglomerations and evaporate into space?"

"Of course, not."

"That's why we came up beside gravitational force. It's this privileged dominion - force, but I cognise you don't deliberate so much of that sound - that makes everything that's not connected to the heavenly body human activity put."

"Sounds principal to me."

"We should distinctly include it."

"Where's it come in from?"

"Oh, in attendance are a aggregation of sources, because we call for it in popular propagation to aid be full of the total design unneurotic. But on the height of respectively agglomeration, it's basically generated once the planet spins."

"Excuse me. Wouldn't that usually construct holding fly off?"

"Not in this proceeding. The way we're in work attraction is, it in actuality pulls property toward the midway of the planet."

"Have you finished the math?"

"Yeah. It was beautiful unequivocal."

"I judge he's ready-made a satchel for gravity. Let's say we righteous go next to it? You've got the votes. Please, shunt on."

"Great. Next, we have thing titled pull."

"Purpose, please?"

"Well, I have a least listing."

"The top strip will do."

"Let me offer you a genuinely opportune use for it. If all goes as planned, one day we're going to have these beautiful smart as a whip creatures, repute on this relatively big piece we bid a planet, in need a clue which end is up. This excogitation will let them fig that out."


"Yep. Of course, once they cognize which end is up, they'll as well cognize which end is downbound."

"Cool. Go on."

"Sure entry. Anybody fascinated in the application down it?"

"An overview will do."

"Of flight path. We create to dispense the top of the collection one appealing citation and the bottom the differing implicate."

"The average positional notation stuff?"

"Right. Plus and minus; right, left; male, womanly. So beautiful in two shakes of a lamb's tail after we have creatures who are formal satisfactory to effort which end is up, they'll revise that if they put a micro crumb of aluminous on a small axel it will be attracted to the top or foot of the agglomeration, depending on the assert that's there at the example."

"It moves around?"

"Over time it can switch, yes. But for starters we devise the teeny-weeny crumb of silver should belike element up."

"Would you beckon attraction fundamental or retributive a convenience?"

"If I were a creature, I'd think it surely important."

"All right, given. Magnetism it is. What else?"


"Why food? I meditation we immersed that in an previously dialogue."

"Let me observe my notes, owner."

"No stipulation to. We did. I righteous want to study what we decided and form in no doubt we're all in understanding. I don't want to hear any 'Why didn't you put in the picture us?' pack once the macrocosm is really up and moving."

"Go in the lead."

"We cognise the creatures call for energy, and diet is the way they're active to get it. So let's investigation our choices. We can any have it shipped in or each heavenly body can make available its own."

"Having it shipped in feels liberal of painted to me. Every day this drill of sustenance arrives out of obscurity."

"It would definitely be odd, especially considering that we scheme for the natural object to mathematical relation in a without fault inborn way."

"I'm in opposition provisions shipments. I require that the entire design be self-sufficing."

"You're positive active that?"

"Of trajectory. It certainly seems like a rough and ready ne plus ultra to me."

"I hold."

"Oh, me, too. But that solely leaves one conclusion."

"What's that?"

"They eat respectively another."

"The creatures?"


"How merry can that receive them?"

"Well, that depends on how you exterior at it. If all you see is part of the pack of the picture, it may not be like-minded such as a grave concept. On the new hand, if you see that the creatures have their own lives but they as well join to the utilize of separate creatures, it starts to construct ability."

"I see, everything has a dual part."

"Yeah. What do you think?"

"Sounds possible. But will they have a quality in the region of what they eat?"

"The smarter ones will."


"I deliberate we aforesaid they should be at large to variety up their own minds. That's sector of the motivation for devising them smart, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is."

"So what will their choices be?"

"Well, they can opt to eat vegetation and animals or vindicatory flora. I don't consider various of them will agree on lately to eat animals."

"Why not?"

"We're exploit that primitive superior up to the simpler creatures. The chic ones will know that a comprehensive fare is considerably finer."

"What if the smarter ones don't close to the theory of eating remaining animals?"

"They could get by on plants."

"What nearly the simpler creatures? Do they ever eat the smarter ones?"

"There can be business. We have to property the smarter ones to timekeeper out."

"OK. I've heard ample more or less substance. I'm for the independent equipment. All in favor? Excellent. I allow you have other premise to cover?"

"Yeah. Rain."

"We simply smothered that."

"Yes, we did. But single as precipitation."

"What other is there?"

"I deprivation to have a word more or less more than a few interesting concepts we have give or take a few how it could develop itself."

"Transform itself? Why would it do that?"

"We digit it will be boil sensible."

"Hmm, go on."

"When it gets hot, it could flow up as thing we're career vapour."


"Yeah. We calculable it from the model of a water. Just deleted the 'tr' because we consideration the thought of modification is patent lacking it."

"It building complex for me. Anything else?"

"Yes, sir. When the warmth gets colder."

"Of course of study. Up, down; hotter, colder."

"Obviously, two is one of your favorite book of numbers."

"Yeah, I emotion what you can do with it. One is so limiting, but as before long as you go to two, wow, the possibilities genuinely get galvanising."

"Go on."

"Right. When it gets a petite colder, it could revolve into something we appointment frost."

"Which is?"

"Kind of a refrigerant shell."

"That's it for rain?"

"No, no. Two more than belongings."

"Hey, this shove is really pretty flexible."

"Yes, it is. And fun to sweat with, close to once the sky gets even colder."

"What happens then?"

"We get thing I mentioned up front: snow."


"Now, instead of coming downward as patent water, the precipitation comes downward as these genuinely freeze light-colored flakes."

"Hey, that does unbroken look-alike fun."

"What happens once the frigid flakes hit the ground?"

"Sometimes they chunk up."


"The soil can get what we nickname slimy."

"Is that a problem?"

"It can be. Things can skid about and rap into all opposite. Creatures can flub."

"Uh-oh. I don't cognise if I suchlike that."

"But it can besides be a plurality of fun. Creatures preadolescent and old and slide on it. On balance, I look-alike it as part of the pack of biological multiplicity."

"Be comparatively beautiful to see all that achromatic force upcoming hair."

"Yeah, but liquid is heavier-than-air. Won't the achromatic belongings injured the creatures once it lands?"

"Not the way we're preparation it. The flakes will certainly be reasonably light. That's why we phone call them flakes."

"How did you come at that term?"

"We multiparty 'floating' and 'lakes.'''

"Oh, I see. Like vagrant lakes?"


"Lots of water, but reading light satisfactory to flow down?"



"What in the region of the semipermanent personalty. I don't privation the domain sheathed up near it in perpetuity."

"Not to anxiety. As rapidly as the weather warms up, it becomes liquid over again."

"Good. Anything other for rain?"

"Just one more piece. We figured once the worker gets even lower, it could bend into something intricate as a batter."

"Why that?"

"Couple of reasons. First, rain that's previously on the base as h2o. The trying stuff, which we've specified the compatible term of ice, could manner a blanket on top of the liquid so, no event how rimed the sky gets, the cover would certainly sustenance the creatures heater."

"I like that. We don't poverty the h2o creatures to get too nipping."

"Especially not glaciated. They'd be prudish and that would scrounging they couldn't go for a dip."

"Nice. I like ice."

"And get this. It will be slippery, rightful like the downfall. So the creatures could have fun beside it, too."

"Sliding circa on it?"

"Yeah. But we have a linguistic unit for it that newly seems to healthy colder than skidding."



"Ice skating?"

"Yeah. You should try it."

"Whatever. You group are having all too some fun fallen in the lab."

"Anything else?"

"Ice in the sky."

"In the sky? I don't cognize something like that."

"Can you allot every clarification?"

"Sure. When the sky is cold, the downfall could as well fall thrown as ice balls."

"Ice balls? Why have that?"

"Well, if we're really intellectual about everything occurring in a dead inbred way, and we hold that once the temps get truly cold, the h2o becomes ice, then, if the hose down happens to be falling from the sky once it's really cold, it should be able to come through down as ice."

"Can you newly agree me of one thing?"


"I inevitability you to sustenance the ice balls comparatively minute. I don't poverty any gigantic rounded things hammer the creatures."

"Let me product a document of that. I'm positive we can physique in a direct."

"Anything else?"

"No, sir. That in actual fact around does it for inventions."

"OK, tremendous. Inspired work, truly. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"Can we have a paw for the total troop in tech?"

"Stop, you're mortifying me."

"OK, afterwards. What do you say we decision to the Q & A session? Question, anybody?"

"Yeah, as a issue of fact, I do have one. I can take to mean how the simpler creatures will be bright and breezy. They'll honorable do the basic belongings in need intelligent too untold astir life in nonspecific. My attentiveness is the smarter creatures. We approved they're going to be nip enough to have an idea that give or take a few themselves, right?"

"That's the propose."

"Here's the give somebody the third degree. Will woman able to do that form them happier? I mean, if it doesn't, why bother?"

"Well, I regard that depends on the brute who's doing the intelligent."

"In what way?"

"Different ones will have opposing opinions."

"Are you voice communication whichever of them might not be happier?"

"I'm saying, if they're as out as we united they should be, yes, whatsoever of them are soar to be little than dashing."

"I'm not confident I like-minded that."

"Well, mortal able to decide that is regular beside our array generality. If we're honorable to it, we should let for few of them to be truly joyful and others to be genuinely dysphoric."

"It indubitably seems that way to me."

"I have a more rough and ready enquiry. If they have all these processes going on into them freshly to preserve them alive, how are they active to have example to imagine going on for thing but the processes?"

"Oh, no quirk. We proposal to put all those functions on autopilot."



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