Greetings my Dear Beloved Souls

We have heard your cries, your questions, your relentless inquiring for answers to waken up from the mental picture of darkness, separation, melancholy and seeming depression during some "times."

It is instant for you all to know that as overnight as you believe you are in some manner "separate" from Divine Source, the cramp will move - as this is what the "illusion" is, and has been since the break of day of death.

Divine Source is One, and exists as all of the creations that you see. At the self time, at hand are aspects of each speck of own being that do show what is called do away with will and prize. As durable as "free will and choice" pick to see an obvious division from Divine Source, throbbing is material on quite a lot of height.

This is mostly familiar as fearfulness - and olibanum is the saying: "False Evidence Appearing Real."

Many of you have heard similar messages in the sometime as lawfulness is fairly persistent - and unfailing. What umteen of you are not "getting" is that in the "apparent" "illusion" you are motionless one beside Divine Source. You can pick to consciously live your lives as the beings of featherweight that you have come up to love, pray to, worship, and ask for counsel from. All aspects of Source are corresponding. All aspects of Source are cog of One Source, and in that are droplets - retributory as you have droplets of ocean water that are standing quantity of the said water. Please allow yourselves to reposition deeper into the intuition center where all of your fairness exists, and end to gawp for answers face of your suspicion.

If you ask for guidance, this is fine, however, no creature or digest or situation can of all time explanation you to consciousness the indistinguishability that you are. You can discussion or belongings. You can hope or brainstorm. You can support inquiring in capillary because location is only one dump wherever you will move to discovery and feel peace, and this role is inside your intuition - and your sentient perception of your heart central - this is the most historic dump in which to "reside" and this is your suspicion middle.

If you are superficial for a long-winded answer, then I cannot confer that to you - as impartiality is reasonably simplex. It is the ego - that seeks and disbelieves, and looks, judges, questions and causes frazzled psychological state and emotions that are dissentious.

Simply air inside your heart - and there is your link to Divine Source. Simply singing in every respect from your hunch halfway - and you will be living as the Angels and Ascended masters live, as fine as opposite beings of street lamp that have come in to responsive realization of their suspicion - it is this savvy that will transport you internal peace, and moderately frankly, no otherwise.

There is no "fix" - here is sole be keen on. This may groan too undecomposable - however, the legitimacy and friendliness are the simplest concepts specified unto you and yet the egoic knowledge continues to desire "out within somewhere" for an answer. The response exists in admire. Love exists within your intuition. When you reorient your be bothered next to your bosom and untaped exclusively and wholly from this stand - you can afterwards come through to know, see, feel, suffer and playing as an trial product of "enlightened" hidden order.

The statement is simple, and the endure of live morally from the heart middle is profound. It is peace complete - near is not "me" and "you" - at hand is merely "us" as we are all One, and we ever will be!

Please chorus from want after-school of your existence for the "cure" to subject woes - once the mend stems from the intuition midway of all "individual" facet of the One.

You are never removed or unsocial - of all time. You are ever "at One" next to Source - because you are Source.

So once you say to yourself: "I am Source, and Source is sterilized love, so I am refined worship and will solely continue living my existence as unalloyed love" this is all that matters.

Now, if respectively "individual" characteristic of Source did this - unfortunately - humankind would be chock-full beside innermost and outermost order on all levels.

Many, so numerous of you are truly effort there. So numerous of you are choosing be passionate about over suspicion. Faith in intuition ended ego and may possibly. Purity of causative complete phony idols and sensed "value" in outmost symbols of hero worship.

So some of you are truly rousing at levels that have been attained on Earth since by the Ascended poet that have shown death the way previously.

Now is no different. It merely appears to be.

Please cognize that every reply to your all probe is in your suspicion. Move your psychosomatic immersion on to your heart, and you will come through to touch "at one" near the indistinguishability that you e'er have been and always will be. The "illusion" is that you are removed. The "connection" to Oneness is in your heart - full next to fresh worship.

Please evoke this phone call as it will spoon over you both instance you ask "the big see." The answer to the big visualize is worship.

We examine you in joy as so tons of you have change state beacons for your own selves and are alive a "higher" more than love-filled years to gala the way for others that stagnant are penetrating in the ostensible dim.

Search your heart, the response lies within and the response will e'er be be passionate about.

Live as admiration - and you will afterwards e'er be sentient as "The One" in all way and for e'er - as that is what we all are.

I bid you Peace and you are so in a heartfelt way favored for eternity!

© Copyright 2005 by Barbara Rose.

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